Case 2 (Event). Football, theatre or ballet brunch? Everything is possible and fun!
To create a club atmosphere in the hotel within the loyalty program, where the last event was held 2 years ago.
Strategy / Action plan:
First, we determined the format of the events, which would be interesting for the guests, and made a calendar of events for different subgroups of guests. Next, we announced a calendar on the site to discipline the club regarding the organization of events and give guests confidence and understanding of the upcoming activities. The poster of Moscow events is full of different occasions, so, remembering the rule that there will be no second chance to make a first impression, which means that if the guest does not like it, he will not come any more, in business events we have taken a course on the value of the information obtained from primary sources (what you will not read in books) and acquaintance. In secular events, the whole emphasis was placed on emotions! Unusual things make us happy, don't they? To play football with real athletes, to arrange a Golf tournament in a restaurant, to take part in an immersive performance.
Increase in the percentage of renewal of participation by 15% of the current indicators. The percentage of guest attendance increased from 60% to 80 %.