SMART MARKETING – is a smart approach to the promotion of hotels. We don't rush things and grasp all at once, that is NOT what we do. SMART APPROACH is a clear strategy with an action plan, the development of performance indicators and their evaluation.
SMART MARKETING – is a smart approach to the promotion of hotels. We don't rush things and grasp all at once, that is NOT what we do. SMART APPROACH is a clear strategy with an action plan, the development of performance indicators and their evaluation.
Our key areas
- analytics
- strategies
- creativity
- constant event support (animators, decor, etc.)
- organization of holidays
Loyalty program
We cooperate with 4* and 5* hotels interested in individual guests from Moscow. The joint work is being built in stages and is understandable for both sides:
1) We study the product, identify all strengths and weaknesses
2) Form a portrait of the guest and "pack" offers for him
3) Define the strategy, draw up a clear action plan and define the criteria of effectiveness
4) Evaluate the results
We are convinced that those who claim to be professionals in everything, in fact, are not professionals at all, so we occupy a narrow segment of the market, which allows us to be accurate up to trifles.
We are aware that in the hotel segment the marketing budget is usually small. It is important for us to make it work, so that you and we remain satisfied with the result and will be able to build long-term cooperation.
We work exclusively with 4* and 5* hotels, built or renovated no later than 5 years ago, counting from the beginning of our cooperation. Our team is very lucky: we took experience of cooperation with hotels of world brands – Marriott International, Hilton, Holiday Inn and Renaissance Hotels & Resorts as a basis and a starting bar. We are convinced that reputation is above all!
We have reliable friends and partners in the field of digital marketing, seo optimization, design development and promotion in the mice & corporate segment, whom we are happy to recommend, as we know that finding real pros is a great success.
We are active, ambitious, good meticulous, able to concentrate on the tasks and aim at the result. We love our work and are happy that it allows us to communicate with so many interesting people and create so different cases!
About us
Hotel Promotion
Analytics: we identify all strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis) and target audience.

Creative: on the basis of the data we form a strategy for product promotion.

Implementation: implementation of PR strategy, marketing collaborations and event strategy.
Loyalty Program
"20% of regular guests provide 80% of income." Pareto.

In a team with the best professionals of the hotel market, we have created the club "Exclusive collection", which has no analogues in Russia. We believe that working with a loyal audience is necessary for every hotel. To do this, you need to create a club atmosphere and apply an individual approach to each guest. On our website we talk about interesting cases – for example, how to come up with and successfully launch a loyalty card worth half a million rubles during the economic crisis. How to make sure that the audience of the loyalty program for 70% provides landing on Sunday brunches of the hotel. How to organize a gala evening for guests so that the turnout is 96%, and the remaining 4% could not come only because they were sick, as reported. We offer to create a loyalty program or a private exclusive club, based on the specifics of Your hotel. We will build the process from START to FINISH: from writing communication scripts, trainings and design layouts to implementing a CRM system in tandem with the best IT specialists in the market.
Organization of Events, Music Programs, and Animation
Program for Hotels
Live music in the lobby, children's animation, organization of clients' parties and cocktails with the General Manager of the hotel. We will create a musical mood in a comfortable volume and a suitable style especially for You. We have a hotel where our pianists work daily in the lobby, while in other hotels our musicians play only at brunches and themed evenings in restaurants. We have our own exclusive program of children's animation: beautiful, bright and stylish costumes, specially created for us props and elaborated scenarios. The whole team goes through the casting, subsequent certification, participates in briefings before each performance and receives an assessment after each shift. Active and professional guys like to work with us, they are attracted by the high-level approach, competitive spirit and new knowledge. The rest are eliminated at the casting stage. In children's animation, our experience in the team running of the Park "Merry Jungle" in Krasnogorsk on 3000 m2 helped us a lot.

The concept of events for the Sales Department
We actively cooperate with colleagues from hotel sales departments. Competition in the hotel market is growing every year, the client has very little time, and the requirements are very high. Therefore, when the hotel offers a choice of several interesting concepts "turn-key" with the menu and the program, this proposal becomes a priority. We pay attention to any request of our colleagues: from the musician at welcome to the concert program with the stars. The word "no" is missing from our vocabulary. Do you need a DJ 8 hours before the event or photographer 2 hours before the party? That is not a problem, we are here for you!

Our detailed photo and video portfolio is presented on the page of our event Agency "Make it brighter" (link to
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